Tuesday, August 14, 2012

yea, yea, yea

I sent my cousin her blanket and the baby's blanket...she is enjoying them both. :)

I have a box of scarves and one hat I'm supposed to send off, but it's still not a priority. At least I am one step closer to getting it sent off though.

I am working on two granny-square blankets right now, one is almost completed and the other one I just started last week. I needed a break from the from the former.


Friday, June 22, 2012


So, let's see...I have finished 2 baby blankets and one adult-sized granny square blanket and will be sending them off around early July. The recipient does not know about them, which makes it even better.

My cousin had a birthday gift she was going to have ready for me when I went to CO to help her with her soon-to-be-here baby girl (I am just now realizing I did not cancel my ticket....wow) but she mailed it to me instead, since I was unable to go. Guess what she sent? A box of yarn! She thought it was funny, I thought it was great! Lol. I had already been thinking about a rainbow-like granny square blanket and now I have the colors with which to create it. You just can't beat free yarn. And the yarn is yarn you don't really see today...it's older so it seems more like novelty yarn or something.

I have several other things I need to mail-off, which I promise I'll get to...please, just be patient.

Have a wonderful Friday, because I sure will.

Peace out,


Wednesday, October 26, 2011

M's Blanket

LOL. I am so FIRED for not being done. I think I actually started M's blanket six months ago...I have been working on it at work recently which is why I am almost done, but I ought to be ashamed for taking forever. Luckily, it's getting cold now, so it can be used just as soon as I finish this last brown striping sequence, sew in the ends and do the edging. I also had to make it larger because M has just turned 1 and he's not an infant anymore, so I have made the blanket larger than I would normally make a baby blanket. It would not have been fair to leave it infant-sized on account it has taken me forever to make!

I also have to get started on a new baby boy blanket. Since it's for a newborn that is not here yet, it shouldn't take long, LOL, but my track record is now shot to hell, so we'll see. The colors that were requested were: black, yellow, and green. However, I do not think that's about to happen; I do not even think they make baby yarn in black! :)

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Update: M's Blankie

I'm not done. Lol. I have been getting compliments and I love how it looks so far, but I'm not done. It'll be large enough for him to use until he's like 10, I believe, so I'm not rushing through it although I would love to be done and I'm sure his Mom would, too!

OAN: I got a skein each of red, white, and blue for my birthday today, so I'll be getting started on my patriotic afghan. Fun, fun, fun.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

M's Blankie

My photogs of the new blanket pattern suck beyond reason because my sexy BB has no flash. This is two days of work, off and on, so I'll have it finished in no time.

Friday, May 06, 2011

I concede...that means I give up

Having started a second, longer baby blanket for M, I am so thoroughly annoyed. Not by the blanket mind you, that's the fun part...I guess it's not even the pattern. It's actually easy-peasy once you get past the foundation chain. Somehow or another, I am either adding too many single crochets or miscounting where to put my 3 single crochets in the next single crochet (this is actually very easy) or I am just not supposed to make this ripple pattern blanket. So very annoying I tell you! With that being said, at this rate, M will be 5 years old before he gets this blanket so I'll stick with what I know and use the Project Linus pattern and the same colors. It'll still be awesome.

I told LaTasha within the last few months that I wanted to make a patriotic afghan or something; red, white, and blue; duh. A ripple pattern would be nice, so I'll just have to look for a new ripple pattern or something...IDK.